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The excitement for Music and Film is the engine that drives us. Whether with the production, the making of soundtracks, the sound design and radio plays or the realisation of documentary and image films. By our long-standing experiences at home and abroad, we create moments which remain in recollection.


Take our word for it.

Goldberg Films

Goldberg Films, this is music, sound and motion in perfection. We are actively creative and have our ears in the pulse of the time. Our hands lie with experience on the mixing console and our heart with enthusiasm and whole devotion to the composition. Our eyes see the beauty and our mind the fullness of a new time.


Become a part of our vision.

Michael A. Goldberg

Michael A. Goldberg, (born as Michael Mueller), has proved for over 20 years, his creativity and excellent productions skills, nationwide as well as internationally. Whether with the right soundtrack, the production or the development, he provides his knowledge and experience with more than 375 projects, for your success.


Experience it.

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Michael A. Goldberg Films ®

Exciting Music and Stories



Michael A. Goldberg Films


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Michael A. Goldberg Films ®

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Michael A. Goldberg Films ®



Our Services


We provide complex compositions and arrangements for all digital formats, if you wish for a complete orchestra.

Sound Design

In all production processes, we are using „State of the Art" Technology. Quality you can count on.


Whether in the production of music, the sound design or the realisation of film and radio play, we develop concepts for all digital platforms.


Storytelling concepts for musicals, audio books and radio plays, as well as content for documentary and image film. Stories and moments you won't forget.

Idea Development

From the development of the external form, up to the ready Script, the choice with the Cast or the suitable composition, we stand with experience by your side.

Executive Production

From the first idea up to the ready product, by our long-standing experience with all production processes, we are the reliable partner you can count on.

Michael A. Goldberg Films ®


Michael A. Goldberg Films ®

Dick Tee

Product Manager "Roger Waters" and "Glastonbury Festival", Enteetainment, London

To work on a Pink Floyd Musical, you need the talent and the creativity to make the impossible possible. Coming up with new ideas and having the courage to look over the edge, is more than just numbers on a sheet. Michael proves it all.

Michael A. Goldberg Films ®

Billy Davis

Music Producer "Söhne Mannheins", "Xavier Naidoo"

Michael is somebody who exerts himself. When it comes to the work, he gets the job done. There were quite a lot of hurdles that we were confronted with, however, there was also a common solution, that led to success.

Michael A. Goldberg Films ®

Marwenna Diame

Music Producer "Boyz II Men", "Geri Halliwell", "Ronan Keating", London

Working in a standing position is one thing in the world of Entertainment. Therefore, there is something you can't get enough... Loyalty. Michael, you are the man. Cheers

Michael A. Goldberg Films ®


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Michael A. Goldberg Films ®
Michael A. Goldberg Films ®








Michael A. Goldberg Films ®
Michael A. Goldberg Films ®

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